Article 4 Directions are the legal means by which a local authority can require property owners to seek permission to convert a single dwelling house into a small HMO (3-6 individuals). This therefore means that within the Article 4 area, it is very difficult to convert a C3 dwelling house to a C4 small HMO.

Article 4 in Exeter

In Exeter, the Article 4 district is generally between Streatham campus and the city centre and therefore the popular locations for student accommodation, however, it is important to note there are some exempt streets. A map of the Article 4 Direction can be found I the link below.


Impact of Article 4

Imposing a limit on the number of small HMOs available in this area does nothing to decrease the demand that exists for them and when you have a difference between supply and demand, prices naturally go up in both rental and property values.