Star students has been specifically designed for students in mind. Our team of staff are professional, friendly and approachable. We are committed to ensuring your letting experience is a simple and hassle free one.

We believe our hands on approach, meeting tenants and resolving issues in a prompt and efficient manner is unique to any other student agency. We are always keen to help and support you.

We pride ourselves on prompt action on all maintenance issues thanks to an enthusiastic team of trusted contractors.

We appreciate that fully managed properties present peace of mind, however we carefully accept ‘let only’ properties (tenant find only/landlords who wish to self-manage their property), and we are voluntary members governed by the Association of Residential Lettings (ARLA), and follow the highest standards of conduct.

For our managed properties, your damage deposit will be securely registered with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). We are also members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO, membership number DO3603) and we have an excellent working relationship with Exeter City Council, Environmental Health.

Renting a Managed property has the benefit of a dedicated Tenancy Manager to handle your day-to-day issues, a 24-hour helpline with emergency contact details should a problem arise and the assurance that your property is fully compliant with all safety regulations.

Some points to consider if you are thinking of renting a property with Star Students:

  • All our properties are let on a joint tenancy agreement so ensure you are comfortable with the group of friends you choose to live with.
  • Any fees are competitive and transparent.
  • We are centrally located making it easy for you to visit our office at your convenience.
  • We are on hand to offer advice. We can offer comprehensive maps with prime locations marked. We can also spend time working out the best budget and areas for you and your group.
  • Star Student Lettings has been specifically designed for students.

Check out the Search bar. We offer everything from studios to 9 bedroom properties. If you are a larger group or two groups who want to be near each other or if you are looking for an individual room in a shared property, we can help here too.

Regularly asked questions

    This would depend on who manages the property during the tenancy, us or the landlord. If managed by us then you would need to contact us, otherwise it would be the landlord. The correct contact details will be in your tenancy agreement.

    With our student accommodation you would not need to provide references but you would need to provide us with a UK based guarantor. The guarantor would then guarantee to pay your portion of the rent if for any reason you were unable to meet the payments. If you are unable to supply a UK based guarantor you will have to pay the rent up front in full.

    You are responsible for contacting the utility companies and setting up the accounts into your name at the commencement and end of tenancy

    How to calculate your monthly rent – your weekly rent amount x 52/ 12 which gives the monthly amount which you then pay for the 11 months of the tenancy. You work it out this way because there are not exactly 4 weeks in each month.

    How to calculate your monthly rent – your weekly rent amount x 52/ 12 which gives the monthly amount which you then pay for the 11 months of the tenancy. You work it out this way because there are not exactly 4 weeks in each month.

    The rent payments should leave your account on the dates set up on the tenancy agreement in the payment schedule. These dates are normally set 5 days in advance of the tenancy start date and each month’s rent due date. The first month’s rent will be due on 30th June as we require the first month’s rent to be cleared and showing on our database to avoid delays in releasing the keys at the move in stage. If one member of the group has not paid the rent then no keys can be released to any of the group.

    If managed by us, our accounts department is required to send out late rent letters requesting your rent payments. If the rent is more than 14 days in arrears, you will be liable to pay interest at 0.75% above the Bank of England Base Rate from when your rent is due until it has been paid. This cannot be levied until the rent is more than 14 days late.

    As the tenant you would be responsible for the rent payments for the duration of the tenancy agreement. If for any reason you did decide to leave before the end of the tenancy then you would have the option to find a replacement and the replacement would then take over the rent payments and sign a new tenancy agreement. This would all be subject to the landlord’s final decision. It is your responsibility for making the rent payments would only end once the new agreement has been fully signed by all parties for the whole group to sign again to include the new housemate. Your responsibility of making the rent payments would only end once the new agreement has been fully signed by all parties. You could be responsible for a ‘Change of Sharer’ fee: £50 incl VAT

    When the standing order payments are set up either by yourself or your guarantor they would need to be set up as per the rent schedule in the tenancy. This means that only 11 payments are set to go out of your bank account and there is no need to notify your bank to cease payments.

    Your keys will either need to be returned to Star Students office or directly to the Landlord depending on who manages the property during the tenancy. If in the tenancy agreement the email address and phone number are for Star Students, then the keys come back to Star Students office in Exeter. If the email address and phone number are for the landlord then you will need to arrange the return directly to the landlord.

    As a group you would be expected to leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in allowing for fair wear and tear and so the costs at the end would depend on how well you look after the property during the tenancy period. You will need to check this against your inventory.

    Your damage deposit is registered with a tenancy deposit scheme, the details of the scheme will be in your tenancy agreement. You will also have received a certificate with the registration details within 30 days of paying your damage deposit. You should keep this in a safe place should you require it at a later date. If there are any disagreements at the end of the tenancy over deductions and we can’t reach an agreement with you then we would ask you to put in a dispute with the tenancy deposit scheme.

    Your undisputed amount of deposit will be returned to you within 30 days of the end of the tenancy if your property is managed by Star Lettings. At the same time as receiving the undisputed amount you should also receive a breakdown of any deductions should they be required.

    Before the marketing period, which is normally in the first week of November, you will be given first refusal on taking the property for the following academic year. You will need to advise us before the first day of marketing and arrange for the group to come in to the office and complete application forms and pay the holding fee required and then the property will not be released on the market.